I am a certified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, and business owner (14 years) helping individuals to improve their quality of life; and companies to improve their business culture and overall performance.

I’m in a unique position to help my clients because I have taken the brave, bold steps myself both in my business and in my personal life. What’s more, I have 14 years experience helping businesses. Plus, I have helped more than 2000 individuals to improve their lives and get results, from celebrities, to dignitaries, to ordinary folks with inspiring bounce-back stories.

I consult with individuals to overcome burnout; change professions; make major life changes; rightsize or downsize their life; breakthrough low motivation, phobias, anxiety, to name a few.

I consult with businesses to facilitate business culture transformations, blending communication, and NLP with automation and technology in pursuit of rapid, agile change work. I have figured out a formula that can help just about any entrepreneur build a team and delegate effectively giving them the time they need to grow their businesses, explore new endeavors and take time off, knowing their businesses will continue to prosper in their absence.

Individual clients and companies are referred to me and seek me out because of burn out; living in quite desperation; because they know that major changes are inevitable; and they’ve seen that they cannot face these problems alone. They are ready to get confidential help now. They understand the value of putting my business card in their pocket and in their cell phone, dialing my number asap, and scheduling an appointment as a next step to turning around their situation towards a brighter future. It’s great to know that when we work together, you can count on seeing results.

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