How Do I Become a Qualitrillionaire?

What is a Qualitrillionaire? A Qualitrillionaire is someone who has an exceedingly significant quality of life. A Qualitrillionaire measures wealth by quality of life, not monetary riches. What does a Qualitrillionaire’s life look like? It’s different for everyone. Just think of what you value most. Is it happiness? Quality time with family? A favorite hobby? Fun? Enjoyable work?  Qualitrillionaires, and those aspiring to become Qualitrillionaires have the courage and a willingness to define their own quality life and then live it today.

It’s great to know that you can be a Qualitrillionaire whether you make zero dollars a month; you are a billionaire; or anyone in between. All you need is a desire to have a quality life.

There are plenty of hardworking millionaires and rich people that are “quality of life impoverished.” Meaning that they may rarely if ever get to (or allow themselves to) see what’s most important to them show up in their lives because they are too busy working every waking hour, married to their jobs or a company, putting creditors first, putting off their dreams, living a life without passion or purpose, following someone else’s lead, or feeling trapped in undesirable situations year after year. Oh sure, these folks are rich alright. If the only measurement of wealth is what’s in the bank account or their net worth.

Why Qualitrillionaire you might ask? Because think about it. If you have ever aspired to be rich, it wasn’t the money that motivated you, was it? Money is just ink on paper. There are plenty of miserable rich people in the world. When you really think about it, if you had all the money, and the things, the toys, the mansions, none of it would mean anything. In fact, it would all be worthless if it did not come with a quality life. Have you ever thought about what a quality life would look and feel like? Perhaps you experienced quality living at various times in your life. Qualitrillionaires all have something in common. What’s most important to them on the inside is abundant (or abundantly pursued) in their lives on the outside.

Becoming a Qualitrillionaire can mean making significant life changes. It’s important when considering significant changes that those changes be ecological. It is often useful to look at the ecology in making any change as to the consequences for self, family (or business), society, and planet. Besides ecology, it’s important that changes are congruent and in alignment with what’s most important to you on the inside. To become a Qualitrillionaire, you simply “start from where you are.”

The Qualitrillionaire’s is a FREE meet up group is a group of people who place a high value on quality living. We value adventure, cultural activities, spirituality, nature, learning, moving meditations, love, greatness, joy and fun, and the companionship of other Qualitrillionaires.

What if my life lacks quality right now? What steps can I take to become a Qualitrillionaire? Here are some basic steps on how you can become a Qualitrillionaire.

Step one. Start from where you are. Right now in this moment deciding that you want to invite more quality into your life; having the awareness that your life needs more balance; setting forth the intention to establish/restore balance; that is a perfect starting place. Celebrate this moment and your decision. Every great journey begins with a first step. Be gentle with yourself in establishing balance in your life. People whose lives are lacking quality didn’t get there overnight. It takes some time to find and/or restore balance. So just remember that every great journey begins with a first step.

Have a clear vision of what your new quality of life will look like. It’s important to be clear and concise. Like any goals, becoming a Qualitrillionaire should be clearly defined. Consider using the S.M.A.R.T. (Specifically, Measurable/Meaningful, Act ‘As if,’ Resources/Responsible, Timed/Towards) goals technique.

Before the Qualitrillionaire group formed, shifting from an extremely materialistic life focused on material wealth was a bumpy and lonely road.  Here, you will find a support network of people who have made the journey and are never going back to a quality impoverished life.

Rightsizing. When a person decides to jump off the merry-go-round of materialism, they look for a soft landing place. Sometimes this means rightsizing or downsizing one’s life. I’ll use the example of Josh, who was a top performing financial services adviser for a leading Wall Street company for more than ten years. He was a true company man. Even how he spent his leisure time was dictated by his employer. His weekends and evenings were spent on the golf course or country club with clients primarily in pursuit of generating more business and more leads for the company. Josh rarely saw his family and usually missed his son’s games and recitals. Most nights he got home just in time to collapse into bed and fall asleep when his wife was retiring for the night.  Josh was on an electronic 24/7/365 leash (cellphone and laptop), expected to work every waking moment. This was the business culture of his employer. Josh decided to find an employer that valued quality living. He found a support group that valued quality living. He found an employer that valued quality living and he changed companies and jobs. He bought a smaller house. Now Josh is a very happy Qualitrillionaire.

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