I am a certified project manager, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, and business owner (14 years) helping individuals to improve their quality of life; and companies to improve their business culture and overall performance.

I’m in a unique position to help my clients because I have taken the brave, bold steps myself both in my business and in my personal life. What’s more, I have 14 years experience helping businesses. Plus, I have helped more than 2000 individuals to improve their lives and get results, from celebrities, to dignitaries, to ordinary folks with inspiring bounce-back stories.

I consult with individuals to overcome burnout; change professions; make major life changes; rightsize or downsize their life; breakthrough low motivation, phobias, anxiety, to name a few.

I consult with businesses to facilitate business culture transformations, blending communication, and NLP with automation and technology in pursuit of rapid, agile change work. I have figured out a formula that can help just about any entrepreneur build a team and delegate effectively giving them the time they need to grow their businesses, explore new endeavors and take time off, knowing their businesses will continue to prosper in their absence.

Individual clients and companies are referred to me and seek me out because of burn out; living in quite desperation; because they know that major changes are inevitable; and they’ve seen that they cannot face these problems alone. They are ready to get confidential help now. They understand the value of putting my business card in their pocket and in their cell phone, dialing my number asap, and scheduling an appointment as a next step to turning around their situation towards a brighter future. It’s great to know that when we work together, you can count on seeing results.

Extended Bio
Deeba Hargis (Deborah S. Hargis) was born on August 24, 1962 in San Diego to Thomas (Tom) and Feroline Hargis — a middle class family. Tom served as an officer in the U.S. Navy and Feroline worked as a business assistant for a local contractor supply company. At an early age, Deeba was energetic, passionate, outgoing and fascinated with inventing, science, electronics and nature. Deeba Hargis spent a lot of her time with her grandfather, a celebrated inventor who worked in aerospace. Family has always been central in Deeba’s life. Deeba Hargis grew up surrounded by a very close-knit, extended family. Many of her family members were business owners, contractors and developers. In school, Deeba Hargis excelled in science and earned a summer internship to the San Diego Zoo and later a scholarship to attend the Scripps Institute of Technology. Deeba graduated from Maric Medical College. On the State nursing boards, she received the highest score in the history of her school. Deeba’s first nursing job was working for La Jolla Nursing Registry where she provided private duty nursing (including hospice) to an elite group of patients in La Jolla and surrounding areas. Deeba Hargis then moved to Los Angeles and and did undergraduate studies at UCLA. Deeba has a very strong work ethic. As a nurse, she chose the disciplines of critical care medicine and preventive medicine. Early in her career, Deeba Hargis worked for a physician that owned thirty preventive medicine and weight control health centers. There, Deeba received formal training in NLP, goal setting, visualization techniques, relaxation techniques, weightloss, smoking cessation, and stress reduction. Applying this new knowledge and skill set, Deeba began working with clients in West Los Angeles, including celebrities, dignitaries, world class athletes, public figures, and ordinary folks too. She assisted thousands of patient clients achieve their desired outcomes. Deeba ran the top grossing center for 6 1/2 years. Deeba Hargis brought success to any center and her patients, regardless of the location. Her success was so impressive to the owners, they asked Deeba what it would take to replicate her success model. At her request, they brought in a computer programming firm to work with her to engineer an application that would automate her results companywide. And it worked with stellar results. The company revenues soared and it continues to thrive today.

Ornda (now Tenet HeatlhSystems) recruited Deeba to work in physician services for a local hospital helping physicians to build there practices. Deeba Hargis was quickly promoted to a regional position managing the physician network over twelve hospitals. Deeba Hargis was instrumental in helping Tenet to ramp up for the State’s historic privatization of Medi-cal (medi-caid). Deeba Hargis was responsible for engineering the development of an information management system to support the physician network. Her ability made her a commodity in the healthcare and the information technology industry. Deeba Hargis was then recruited by Molina, a managed care organization based out of Long Beach where, as part of the information management and physician network team.

In 1997, Ms Hargis went into business for herself, initially with another partner. The company premiered its e-commerce software at the Internet World 1999. The company, EXCEL-WEST an information technology, software, and business consulting company, was started with $52 and is still going strong after 14 years. The company has achieved many firsts in the industry such as enabling the first Southern California Chamber of Commerce with e-commerce, the first “live election results webcast” with a simultaneous “night of the election party” multimedia event, and, a SAAS for start up businesses.  Service lines include private practice services (NLP and Hypnosis) and business services (including Internet Neuromarketing).

Memberships past and/or present include the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, Culver City Chamber of Commerce, San Diego Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, Encinitas Chamber of Commerce, Santa Monica Republican Women Federated, Women Entrepreneurs’ Network, Friends of the Baldwin Hills, Fox Hills Property Owners’ Association, Republicans for Environmental Protection, and the Great West Conservancy. Her appointments include: Board Member, Culver City Chamber of Commerce; Chairwoman (Former), Culver City Chamber of Commerce Technology Committee; Founder and Chairwoman, Culver City Chamber of Commerce, Health Advisory Council; Board Member, Santa Monica Republican Women Federated; Board Member, Fox Hills Neighborhood Association (AKA Property Owners’ Association); Board Member (Former), American Heart Association; Visioning Ambassador, City of Culver City; Board Member, Great West Conservancy; Steering Committee Member, Friends of the Baldwin Hills; Council Member, National Republican Congressional Committee, Business Advisory Council; Chairwoman (Former), Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, Health Advisory Council; Panelist, USA TODAY’s Small Business Panel. Deeba Hargis is acknowledged in the Who’s Who of Information Technology, Who’s Who Historical Society, and the Who’s Who Business Registry. Deeba Hargis has received a Mayor’s commendation and the President’s Award.

Ms. Hargis is also a big supporter of the White House Project. Deeba Hargis has made a life long commitment to the environment, conservation and nature preservation. Deeba Hargis has a great love of the ocean. Deeba Hargis believes that it is important to preserve the “Great West.” Deeba Hargis believes that when people came to the Great West, it was a near perfect place. For her, the California coastline must remain a balance of opportunity and beauty. Deeba Hargis seeks to preserve it for generations to come.

For many years, she participated in the food ministries (Saint Lawrence Marytr Church). Deeba Hargis sponsored and prepared lunch for about one hundred homeless people on a weekly basis.

As an American Heart Association Board Member, Deeba focused her energies on the annual fundraising drives. Deeba Hargis also participated in the “Train to End Stroke” marathon program, both as a runner and as a fundraiser.Deeba Hargis has been a champion of children and education. Deeba Hargis volunteered for the Culver City Teen Computer Lab where she helped to secure tens of thousands of dollars of funding through foundation money and privately donated funds.

Deeba Hargis has been active in the community for over fifteen years. As a Board Member of the Fox Hills Property Owners’ Association, Deeba Hargis has testified at numerous City Council and commission meetings on a number of issues having to do with traffic, property and human rights, infrastructure management, and energy. Deeba Hargis is an advocate for small business through her participation in the Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee.

Personal Comments

“Everyday in everyway I make a difference. Planning ahead, I made this web page. If you found it, it is probably because you wanted to get to know me better. So, I hope this helps. Growing up, there were so many community leaders and people that inspired me through their selfless actions. They made the world a better place. Now it’s my turn to help.
Each of us has their own special gifts and talents. Mine are visioning, engineering, innovation, planning, healing, and leadership. Forward-thinking is a way of life for me. In the months and years ahead, let’s bring together our inner vision to create a specific, innovative, practical, and fiscally responsible higher-consciousness community network utilizing widely available resources. I look forward to earning your confidence and seeing you share in that vision and reality. Together, we will focus on education, health care, affordable housing, raising the collective consciousness of humanity, human rights, enlightenment, personal growth and development, economic vitality, communications, and growth technologies to name a few. Thank you for taking interest.”

– Deeba S. Hargis