How to Rightsize, Downsize Your Business/Life

One need look no further then their evening news, newspapers, magazines to see and have an awareness that worldwide, governments, organizations, and people everywhere have a need to be educated on how to rightsize/downsize and simplify their finances, spending plans, and their lives.

For many of us, we grew up immersed in the positive thinking, law of attraction, manifestation, and limitless possibilities movement. This era grew from the great works of celebrated authors, inspirational speakers, and gurus such as José Silva, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Brian Tracy, Joel Osteen, Robert Kiyosaki, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Abraham Hicks, and many more. These great teachers helped us to program our own thinking to set forth positive goals and intentions and to manifest increasing levels of abundance and prosperity, to simply awaken to God’s infinite abundance.

Over the last few decades the positive thinking movement has permeated every facet of society globally in the industrialized nations including; individuals through books, seminars, movies; for corporations via corporate trainers; and in governments via private consultants working directly with the very politicians that oversee government and monetary systems.

With this new global economy the reality is that individuals, corporations, and governments find themselves needing to very quickly become knowledgeable about how to rightsize, downsize and simplify.

Perhaps you are in a position where your income decreased either for yourself or for your business, or you found that your profit margins or your disposable income shrank because overhead costs increased.

Often in quiet desperation, people begin to notice they find themselves searching for answers on what to do next. Some people find themselves white knuckling through the transformational economy which is currently underway. They do this by borrowing more money. Sometimes, borrowing money to pay for other debts. Others are getting two and three jobs, many at the expense of their home life or quality of life or even their health. No one should have to face these tough situations alone. Whether you’re an individual, or a business owner, or even a leader working in government, finding someone that has experience helping to downsize/rightsize one’s life, company or organization, and doing so with grace has Dalai Lamanever been more important. Quality of life is the beacon of light clearly guiding us on the next right action to take.

Tips for Rightsizing, Downsizing Your Life

* What is the goal of downsizing/rightsizing your life? Write down the reasons why you want to rightsize/downsize your life. When writing goals, remember to make S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, As if now, Realistic/Resources/Responsible, Timed/Towards). Goals are like planning a trip. Increase your odds of getting where you want by planning your destinations.

* Put and keep YOU at the top of your priority list. In order to help anyone else, we must first help ourselves. When you are on an airplane, the flight attendant reminds, “in case of emergency, when the masks drop, put yours on first before helping others.”

* Health is a gauge on the dashboard of life. When nothing else works to get your attention, the unconscious mind/highest self may get our attention through changes in health (insomnia, upset stomach, etc). If your health is changing, often that’s a warning light indicating that unless life changes are made asap, serious illness may ensue. So, pay attention!

* Get clarity in any area of life where you have vagueness. Is there some area of your life that is a bit fuzzy? Things you’ve been avoiding thinking about or doing? People, places, things, communications that need to see a little more sunlight? Driving is much easier when there is clear visibility ahead. Rightsizing/downsizing begins with first having the clarity needed in order to make rightsize/downsize decisions. There are many techniques for gaining clarity. If the ones you are using are not working, it’s probably time to seek professional help. Self-help clarity techniques include meditating, joining a support groups of your peers, finding an action buddy/accountability partner, making a list of things you avoid or resist doing, learning techniques to remove resistance and avoidance, 12 step recovery programs, to name a few.

* Financial Clarity. Rightsizing/downsizing begins with clarity about overhead costs, regular recurring expenses, clarity about  income, and creating a budget. With the advent of mobile apps and personal financial software, managing finances has never been easier.  Often rightsizing/downsizing is done in phases. Financial clarity makes phased rightsizing/downsizing a much more serene journey.

* Looking at the ecology of downsizing/rightsizing. It’s important, we take into consideration the ecology (consequences) of making changes. It is often useful to look at the ecology in making any change as to the consequences for self, family (or business), society, and planet. If downsizing/rightsizing is an urgent matter (e.g., due to job loss, loss of a mate, etc), ecology is often re-evaluated on a regular basis.

* Next right action. Approach each moment of life with balance and always focus on doing the most important and urgent tasks first. Which might be self care. Stephen Covey, a celebrated author outlines this idea in his four quadrants concept of decision making.

My name is Deborah “Deeba” S. Hargis; I’m a board-certified clinical hypnotherapist, certified NLP practitioner, bushiness coach and consultant. This are just a few of the many strategies offered to our clients. Every great action begins with a first step. Talking on the phone as a next right step, you will experience a sense of relief knowing that you will not be alone on your path to building a clear, bright future. My direct number is (858) 412-7597. I look forward to speaking with you.